Pradhan: A Touching Family Drama

Pradhan is an upcoming Bengali language family drama film directed by Avijit Sen. Headlined by superstar Dev in the lead role, the movie is slated for release on December 22, 2023. With its emotional storyline about familial bonds, Pradhan aims to strike a chord with the audience.

Overview of Pradhan


The narrative of Pradhan focuses on the relationship between a father and son. Dev plays the role of Satyaki, a busy corporate executive and single parent to Rudra, his young son. Despite being in the same house, Satyaki and Rudra have grown emotionally distant over the years.

However, certain incidents force the father-son to come closer as Satyaki rediscovers his paternal instincts. He realizes the mistakes made and strives to rebuild the lost bonding with Rudra, leading to a moving journey of redemption.

Cast and Crew

Dev with his charismatic screen presence is apt for playing the lead role of Satyaki. Talented child actor Soham Chakraborty portrays Rudra. Alongside the lead pair, the movie features seasoned actors Soumitrisha Kundu, Paran Banerjee, Mamata Shankar and others in key roles.

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Here is a summary table:

Movie Details
Release DateDecember 22, 2023
DirectorAvijit Sen
CastDev, Soham Chakraborty

Avijit Sen directs the emotional drama with sensitivity, having helmed family entertainers before. The music is composed by Shantanu Moitra and promises to enhance the narrative.

Visuals and Music

The visuals aim to capture the estranged relationship between Satyaki and Rudra using subtle cues. Lighting, framing and settings portray the distance. As they reconcile, brighter palettes represent their positive growth.

Shantanu Moitra’s music will have poignant melodies to complement the storytelling. Songs picturized on the father-son duo are set to be tear-jerkers.

What Makes Pradhan Stand Out

Several aspects make Pradhan an engaging prospect for audiences:

Emotionally Resonating Plot

The narrative exploring a disconnected father-son relationship will strike a chord due to its universal appeal. Emotionally driven plots have high entertainment value.

Dev Headlining the Movie

Dev is one of the biggest draws of the film with his fan following. Viewers are eager to see him in an intense role portraying a complex character.

Veteran Director-Composer Combo

With Sen’s deft direction and Moitra’s music expertise, Pradhan promises polished and slick filmmaking. Their collaboration adds weightage.

Novel Father-Son Pairing

The pairing of veteran Dev with child actor Soham is fresh. Their chemistry and contrasting styles will be interesting to watch.

Why Audiences are Excited for Pradhan

Here are the key reasons behind the buzz around Pradhan:

Story Resonates with All Age Groups

The emotional family plot has a universal appeal, making it relevant across age brackets. Young parents, kids and elders can all relate to it.

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Dev’s Distinguished Filmography

With acclaimed films like Paglu, Challenge, Rangbaaz and more, Dev has built a reputation. Viewers are drawn to Pradhan due to his track record.

Promising Music

The two songs released, one upbeat and one soulful, have become popular. This has augmented anticipation for the music album.

Supporting Cast’s Fine Performances

The trailer hints at strong acting by the supporting cast, especially the child actor. This demonstrates promising performances.

What Makes Pradhan Special

Some unique aspects of Pradhan are:

Realistic Writing and Characterization

The realistic narrative, free of melodrama, will strike a chord. The flawed characters are relatable.

Modern Portrayal of Fatherhood

It chronicles fatherhood in a contemporary light, breaking age-old onscreen stereotypes.

Likely Emotional High Points

Scenes of the father-son reconciling are likely to move viewers, providing emotional highs.

Poignant Background Score

The background score by Moitra will accentuate the emotional tone of the scenes. This tugs at one’s heartstrings.

Additional Details on Pradhan

Beyond the main story, here are some interesting trivia regarding the film:

  • The lead pair underwent acting workshops to develop chemistry and mannerisms.
  • Dev interacted with corporate fathers in real life for a realistic portrayal.
  • Director Avijit Sen shot the film in a modest 45-day schedule, indicating efficient filming.
  • Actual home interiors were used for shooting instead of artificial sets to add realism.
  • The story and script have been crafted carefully over two years by lead writer Snigdha Mitra.


With its heartwarming storyline, seasoned cast and crew, and soulful music, Pradhan has all the makings of an entertaining family drama. Backed by Dev’s star power and credibility, the movie will strike an emotional chord when it hits theaters this December 22. For those seeking meaning and sensitivity in cinema, Pradhan will prove to be a treat worth waiting for. Thank You For Pradhan Movie Article Reading on skymovieshd.

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