Toofan Bengali Movie Review: A Thrilling Ride Through 90s Gangster Bangladesh

Toofan, the latest offering from director Raihan Rafi, takes viewers on a wild journey through the criminal underworld of 1990s Bangladesh. This period crime thriller, featuring superstar Shakib Khan in a dual role, delivers an intense and action-packed experience that keeps you glued to your seat. As we delve into this cinematic spectacle, let’s explore what makes Toofan a must-watch for fans of Bengali cinema and crime dramas alike.

A Tale of Two Men

At the heart of Toofan lies a gripping narrative that follows the parallel lives of two men. Shakib Khan brilliantly portrays both Galib Bin Gani, aka Toofan, a ruthless gangster who rises to power through violence and manipulation, and Shanto, an aspiring actor who becomes entangled in Toofan’s dangerous world. The film skillfully weaves together their stories, creating a tapestry of ambition, revenge, and survival.


Khan’s performance as Toofan is nothing short of electrifying. He brings a palpable intensity to the character, perfectly capturing the gangster’s ruthless ambition and charisma. As Shanto, Khan showcases his versatility, portraying the struggling actor’s vulnerability and determination with equal finesse. The contrast between these two characters adds depth to the story and keeps viewers invested in both plotlines.

A Star-Studded Cast

While Shakib Khan undoubtedly steals the show, the supporting cast delivers equally compelling performances. Mimi Chakraborty shines as Suchana, Toofan’s partner and a film actress caught between loyalty and self-preservation. Masuma Rahman Nabila brings warmth and relatability to her role as Julie, Shanto’s supportive girlfriend.


One of the film’s highlights is the extended cameo by Chanchal Chowdhury as Assistant Commissioner Akram. Chowdhury’s portrayal of the determined police officer adds gravitas to the cat-and-mouse game between law enforcement and the underworld. His scenes with Khan crackle with tension, providing some of the movie’s most memorable moments.

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A Visual Feast

Toofan’s production values are top-notch, immersing viewers in the gritty world of 90s Bangladesh. The cinematography captures both the opulence of the criminal elite and the stark realities of street-level crime. Action sequences are choreographed with flair, particularly the shocking massacre scene featuring Toofan’s use of a XM214 Microgun.


The film’s attention to period detail is commendable, from the fashion choices to the portrayal of the burgeoning film industry. These elements add authenticity to the story and transport viewers back to a tumultuous era in Bangladesh’s history.

A Complex Narrative

Toofan’s plot is ambitious, spanning several decades and interweaving multiple storylines. The film opens with Toofan’s tragic origin story, skillfully establishing his motivations and the circumstances that shaped him into a ruthless criminal. As the narrative progresses, it explores themes of power, corruption, and the blurred lines between criminality and politics.

The parallel storyline following Shanto’s journey in the film industry provides a fascinating glimpse into the entertainment world of the 1990s. It also serves as a clever device to bring the two main characters together, setting up the film’s tense climax.

While the complex narrative is generally well-executed, some viewers may find certain plot points rushed or underdeveloped. The film’s pacing occasionally suffers as it juggles multiple subplots and character arcs. However, the overall story remains engaging and keeps audiences guessing until the very end.

Action and Thrills

Action enthusiasts will find plenty to enjoy in Toofan. From intense hand-to-hand combat to large-scale shootouts, the film delivers a variety of well-choreographed action sequences. The aforementioned Microgun scene is a standout moment, showcasing both the film’s willingness to push boundaries and Toofan’s ruthless nature.


The cat-and-mouse game between Toofan and AC Akram provides another layer of tension to the film. Their confrontations are charged with intensity, building to a climactic showdown that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Exploring Moral Ambiguity

One of Toofan’s strengths lies in its exploration of moral ambiguity. While Toofan is undoubtedly the film’s antagonist, the script provides enough backstory and motivation to make him a complex and sometimes sympathetic character. Similarly, the film doesn’t shy away from showing the darker aspects of the entertainment industry or the corrupting influence of power in politics.

This nuanced approach to characterization extends to supporting characters as well. Suchana’s conflicted loyalties and Akram’s determination to bring down Toofan at any cost add layers of complexity to the story. These morally gray areas provoke thought and discussion long after the credits roll.


A Soundtrack That Enhances the Experience

The film’s music, composed by Pritom Hasan, Arafat Mohsin, and Naved Parvez, effectively enhances the on-screen action. From pulse-pounding tracks that accompany action sequences to more introspective pieces that underscore emotional moments, the soundtrack adds another layer of depth to the viewing experience.

The Integration of Politics and Crime

Toofan’s exploration of the intersection between politics and organized crime is one of its most intriguing aspects. The film doesn’t shy away from portraying the corrupt symbiosis between criminals and politicians, offering a scathing commentary on power structures in society. This adds a layer of social relevance to the film, elevating it beyond a mere crime thriller.


The portrayal of Toofan’s rise to power through his manipulation of a minor political party is particularly effective. It showcases the character’s cunning and ambition while also highlighting the vulnerabilities in the democratic system. These elements give the film a depth that encourages viewers to reflect on real-world issues.

Technical Prowess and Cinematic Flair

From a technical standpoint, Toofan impresses with its polished production values. The cinematography skillfully captures both intimate character moments and large-scale action sequences. The use of lighting and color grading effectively differentiates between the glamorous world of cinema and the dark underbelly of crime, enhancing the film’s visual storytelling.

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The editing deserves special mention, particularly in how it handles the dual storylines and time jumps. While the narrative is complex, the film’s pacing and visual cues help viewers navigate the story without confusion. The seamless transitions between past and present contribute to the film’s overall coherence and impact.

A Glimpse into the Film Industry

Toofan’s depiction of the 1990s Bangladeshi film industry adds an interesting meta-layer to the movie. Through Shanto’s journey, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the entertainment world, complete with its glamour, challenges, and darker aspects. This subplot not only provides a contrast to the main crime narrative but also offers commentary on the nature of fame and the price of success.


The film’s treatment of this subject matter feels authentic, likely drawing from real-world experiences and industry lore. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a world that many viewers may be curious about but rarely see portrayed on screen.

Conclusion: A Milestone in Bengali Cinema

Toofan marks a significant achievement in Bengali cinema, blending high-octane action with complex character studies and social commentary. While it may not be perfect, with some subplots feeling underdeveloped, the film’s ambition and execution are commendable. Shakib Khan’s tour-de-force performance, supported by a talented ensemble cast, elevates the material and keeps viewers engaged throughout the runtime.

For fans of crime thrillers and Bengali cinema, Toofan is a must-watch. It offers a unique blend of entertainment and substance, providing thrills while also provoking thought. As Shakib Khan’s 250th film, it stands as a testament to his enduring star power and his willingness to take on challenging, multifaceted roles.

In the landscape of contemporary Bengali cinema, Toofan stands out as a bold, ambitious project that pushes boundaries and raises the bar for what audiences can expect from the industry. Whether you’re drawn in by the action, the performances, or the exploration of power and morality, Toofan offers something for every viewer, making it a cinematic experience worth savoring.

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