Daroga Mamur Kirti Movie- Hilarious Bengali Comedy Film

The Bengali film industry has an exciting comedy movie lined up for release in 2024 – Daroga Mamur Kirti. Directed by Nehal Dutta, this laugh riot stars veteran actor Ranjit Mallick along with Ayaan, Prantika Das, Laboni Sarkar and Kharaj Mukherjee in key roles. With a stellar cast and rib-tickling storyline, Daroga Mamur Kirti promises to be a complete family entertainer.

An Amusing Plot That Will Have You In Splits

The recently launched trailer of Daroga Mamur Kirti gives us a glimpse into the quirky and humorous narrative of the film. Set in Kalinarayanpur, it shows the town suffering from a surge in robbery cases. To curb this, Ranjit Mallick’s character – a disciplinarian Daroga famous for beating criminals with his belt – is appointed as the Officer in Charge.

Daroga Mamur Kirti Bengali Comedy Movie

In a comedic turn of events, a competition is announced to steal the book “Geetanjali” from the Daroga’s home. What follows is Kharaj Mukherjee trying to disguise himself in various avatars to steal the book. The trailer indicates a story filled with confusion, laughs and chaos in this attempt to outwit the witty Daroga.

Ranjit Mallick’s romantic track with Laboni Sarkar adds sweetness to the amusing plotline. With veteran comedy writer Lakkhikanta Sen Sharma penning the story, the film promises a laugh riot for the audiences.

A Comedy Dream Team to Watch Out For

Daroga Mamur Kirti boasts of a talented comic cast who are sure to leave you in splits with their acts. Ranjit Mallick, known for playing characters with great comic timing, brings his impeccable talent to the role of the Daroga. His last few comedy flicks like Sedin Dujone and Pradhan & Bogla Mama Jug Jug Jiyo have been hits among audiences.

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In the trailer, Mallick is seen displaying his trademark comic skills -witty dialogues, hilarious expressions and comical body language. Fans are eager to see him rock the show yet again with his performance.

Besides Mallick, the film also stars accomplished actors Kharaj Mukherjee, Biswajit Chakraborty and Sumit Ganguly in key roles. Both Mukherjee and Chakraborty have tickled the funny bone of viewers through various comedy movies over the years. Ganguly has proved his mettle in versatile roles including comedy.

The lead cast also comprises of talented young performers Ayaan and Prantika Das playing pivotal characters. Together, these actors form a dream comedy team for Daroga Mamur Kirti. Their collective comic timing and skills are sure to keep audiences entertained throughout the film.

Top Notch Technical Crew To Execute The Vision

Helmed by director Nehal Dutta, Daroga Mamur Kirti also boasts of a skilled technical team to translate the rib-tickling narrative on screen. Dutta has previously delivered hit comedy films like Amar Challenge, E Tumi Kemon Tumi and Angaar. His experience in presenting hilarity through perfect comic timing is an asset for this movie.

The film’s script and dialogues come from the adept hand of Sudip Das who has showcased his humor quotient in movies like Challenge 2, Amar Baba Tomar and Dhananjoy. Saptak Sanai Das, known for songs in films like Sweater and Konttho, brings his composing flair to the film’s music.

Daroga Mamur Kirti Bengali Movie

The cinematography is handled by Iswar Barik who has lensed comedies like Sweater and Pupa. Somnath Dey, the editor, also has comedy movies like Challenge 2 and Konttho in his repertoire. What makes the technical team even stronger is the presence of veteran Tomal Chakraborty as the background score composer.

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This group of experienced professionals specializing in comedy genre will ensure a visually and musically hilarious cinematic experience for the viewers.

Rib-Tickling Scenes To Look Forward To

Judging from the trailer, Daroga Mamur Kirti has some incredibly funny scenes lined up that are already making audiences smile. Ranjit Mallick’s petty quarrels and funny romantic moments with Laboni Sarkar promise wholesome entertainment.

Kharaj Mukherjee disguising himself in weird avatars like a sadhu or a woman, attempting to steal the book, will surely leave people chuckling. The over-the-top reactions and confused expressions of the characters are sure to ramp up the humor quotient.

There are several moments of situational comedy indicated where the characters land themselves in hilarious troubles. Fans are also eager to see Mallick display his iconic comic style through lively and witty dialogues delivered with perfect timing as only he can. With such laugh-out-loud scenes in store, the film guarantees non-stop entertainment.

Unexplored Storyline Adds Novelty

While cops and robbers stories are common, the plot of Daroga Mamur Kirti gives it a fresh humorous twist. The idea of thieves trying to steal from the witty Daroga’s home gives the writers a lot of scope for creating confusion and funny moments. Mallick’s popular on-screen Daroga image combined with such an amusing storyline makes the film even more exciting.

The trailer indicates that the comedy will arise not just from dialogues but also quirky characters, trivial conflicts and messy situations. This promises novelty for the audience instead of just relying on one-liners. Dutta’s experience in presenting hilarity through clever direction is also a boon for the film.

Multi-Layered Performances To Watch Out For

Though mainly a comedy flick, Daroga Mamur Kirti has scope for the actors, especially Ranjit Mallick, to showcase their versatility. Mallick’s previous romantic and dramatic films like Sweater, Kishore Kumar Junior and Shah Jahan Regency have demonstrated his ability to deliver layered performances.

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In Daroga Mamur Kirti as well, beneath the comical Daroga avatar, Mallick may portray some emotional depth and gravitas through his acting skills. The romance track with Laboni Sarkar also requires displaying chemistry. Similarly, Kharaj Mukherjee’s comedic movements as a thief will need impeccable comic timing and physical comedy skills.

The players seem experienced enough to balance the laughs with solid performances. This will elevate the film above being just a silly comedy.

Additional Details About The Film

  • Daroga Mamur Kirti is produced under the banner of Shree Jagannath Film Entertainment who have made comedy hits like Challenge 2 and Kamala Sundori in the past.
  • Apart from the main cast, the film also stars talented comedy actors like Moumita Chakraborty, Subrata Giri, Dhiman Bhattacharjee and Arnab Chatterjee in supporting roles.
  • Ranjit Mallick underwent special training to get his body language and diction right for his Daroga character. The costume designers also crafted unique police uniforms for his look.
  • The film has been shot extensively on real locations in Kolkata to lend an authentic vibe. Several scenes were also canned in heritage sites around Shantiniketan.
  • In the story, the book Geetanjali has been chosen as the theft target by the robbers because the Daroga’s house is located on Rabindranath Tagore Street.
  • The comedy in Daroga Mamur Kirti arises from trivial everyday conflicts faced by common people and the hilarious ways of dealing with them.


With its rib-tickling plot, iconic comic cast, experienced direction and technical prowess, Daroga Mamur Kirti is set to bring the house down with laughter. Ranjit Mallick and his talented co-stars are sure to deliver outstanding comic performances that will entertain viewers. Backed by good production values and a stellar crew, the film has all the markings of a complete laughter riot. The unique story and treatment are sure to connect with audiences looking for clean family comedy. Undoubtedly, Daroga Mamur Kirti will be one of the most hilarious Bengali movies to look forward to next year.

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