Joto Kando Kolkatay: A Riveting Thriller

Joto Kando Kolkatay is an upcoming Bengali language action thriller film directed by acclaimed filmmaker Anik Dutta. Set in Kolkata, the movie promises an engaging crime drama with elements of corruption, power and moral dilemmas. Slated for theatrical release on October 4, 2024, the film has already generated buzz among thriller aficionados.

Overview of Joto Kando Kolkatay


Joto Kando Kolkatay follows Arko, an audacious detective in Kolkata Police determined to expose the rampant corruption in the system. The story delves into the gloomy underbelly of the seemingly glossy metro city.

As Arko starts unraveling shocking truths about unscrupulous activities by powerful figures, he finds himself pitted against influential people. The gripping plot highlights his lone battle against institutionalized crime amidst deep conspiracy. With many twists and turns, the narrative keeps one guessing while shining a light on the grim realities beneath Kolkata’s surface.

Cast and Crew

The talented Abir Chatterjee with his screen presence takes on the lead role of Arko. Acclaimed actress Madhumita Sarcar plays the female lead opposite him. Paran Banerjee, Mishka Sinha portray key supporting characters. With Anik Dutta’s masterful direction, the film promises a realistic thriller elevated by strong performances.

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Here is a summary:

Movie Details
NameJoto Kando Kolkatay
Release DateOctober 4, 2024
DirectorAnik Dutta
CastAbir Chatterjee, Madhumita Sarcar

Visuals and Music

From the promos, the visuals seem gritty and dramatic using Kolkata’s architecture as backdrop. Lighting and camerawork aim to build an ominous mood. Music composer Debojyoti Mishra provides an impactful background score to accentuate the narrative’s tension.

What Makes Joto Kando Kolkatay Stand Out

Joto Kando Kolkatay boasts of several elements that make it promising:

Subverting Kolkata’s Image

It dismantles the romanticized imagery of Kolkata, showing the dark underworld. This unique subversion makes it intriguing.

Realistic Portrayal

Instead of sensationalizing crime, it portrays corruption in a realistic and matter-of-fact manner. This makes it hard-hitting.

Metaphorical Title

The metaphorical title implying one can’t trust Kolkata sets the tone of conspiracy and deceit. This piques interest.

Technical Excellence

With Dutta’s vision, Mishra’s music and excellent cast, the movie promises technical finesse.

Why Audiences are Excited for Joto Kando Kolkatay

The film has generated organic buzz thanks to multiple factors:

Fresh Pairing of Abir and Madhumita

Seeing the two talented actors together for the first time appeals to the audience. Their chemistry has promise.

Anik Dutta’s Goodwill

Dutta’s reputation for making acclaimed satirical films like Bhooter Bhobishyot makes his thriller venture exciting.

Promise of Good Performances

The cast’s stellar acting talent evident in previous works indicates impressive performances.

Intriguing Trailers

The riveting trailers have offered a glimpse into the stylized visuals and gripping plot.

What Makes Joto Kando Kolkatay Special

Apart from the engaging crime narrative, the movie has some unique attributes:

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Nuanced Portrayal of Corruption

It provides a nuanced insider’s look into the administrative and political corruption prevalent in the system.

Metaphorical Title

The thought-provoking title acts as a metaphor for the city’s double-faced nature.

Real Locations

Shooting at real Kolkata hotspots makes the setting authentic, enhancing realism.

Contemporary Subject Matter

Its theme of exposing deeply embedded corruption in systems resonates with today’s viewers.

Additional Interesting Details

Some fascinating trivia regarding Joto Kando Kolkatay:

  • Lead actor Abir underwent martial arts training for action sequences.
  • Director Dutta roped in actual Kolkata Police officers as consultants.
  • The movie was shot guerrilla-style across Kolkata for a gritty, raw look.
  • Actress Madhumita Sarcar learnt to ride a bike for her character in the film.
  • Dutta finished shooting on a modest 40 day schedule displaying efficient filmmaking.


With its exciting crime plot set in the underbelly of Kolkata, Joto Kando Kolkatay promises to be an engaging thriller. Backed by brilliant performances and Anik Dutta’s masterful direction, the movie is set to provide an entertaining yet insightful ride. For those seeking a realistic and contemporary thriller woven around corruption and power, Joto Kando Kolkatay tops the must-watch list for 2024. Definitely a movie to keep on the radar once it releases. skymovieshd is popular bengali movies cinema site.

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