Mirza Movie : Mystery-Filled Bengali Action Movie

The Bengali film industry is gearing up for its next big action thriller – Mirza. Directed by Sumeet Saahil and starring Ankush Hazra, Oindrila Sen and Kaushik Ganguly in pivotal roles, Mirza promises to be an edge-of-the-seat entertainer. Set to release on Eid 2024, the film has already generated much hype among the audience.

The Mysterious and Intriguing Storyline

The recently released teaser of Mirza gives us a glimpse into the mysterious characters and intrigue-filled storyline of the movie. Set in a dark world where evil forces have taken over, the teaser hints at the journey of the lead protagonist, essayed by Ankush Hazra. He is seen relentlessly fighting to earn the respect and position he deserves in this cruel world. The teaser keeps the audience guessing about Hazra’s character and his objectives. It portrays him as an enigmatic person with strong determination.

The other characters, played by Oindrila Sen and Kaushik Ganguly, also seem to have their unique stories that will unfold during the course of the movie. Their expressions and dialogues indicate complex and multi-layered characters with unclear motives. The dark and intense background score adds to the mystery and thrill. The teaser has certainly got the audiences hooked and waiting for the film with bated breath.

Mirza Oindrila Sen Movie

Powerful Lead Actors To Watch Out For

Mirza boasts of a talented lead cast who are sure to impress with their performances. Ankush Hazra, who plays the title role, is one of the most popular young actors in the Bengali film industry today. He has proved his mettle in many hit movies like Kishore Kumar Junior, Challenge 2, Kulfaat and Shah Jahan Regency among others. His action avatars in particular, receive high praise from critics and audiences.

Hazra has undergone intense physical training and preparation for his role in Mirza. His determination to get into the skin of the character is evident from his rugged look in the teaser. Fans are eager to see him excel in the action genre once again with this film.

Besides Ankush Hazra, the other leads are played by Oindrila Sen and Kaushik Ganguly. Sen has carved a niche for herself by portraying strong and independent female characters in acclaimed films like Rainbow Jelly, Konttho and Shah Jahan Regency. Her role in Mirza also seems to have shades of mystery, and it would be interesting to observe how her character develops as the plot unfolds.

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Veteran actor Kaushik Ganguly brings his impeccable acting chops to the table as well. Though his character is unclear as of now, it can be expected that Ganguly will deliver a standout performance. With such a talented trio leading the film, Mirza is sure to be a treat for their fans.

Top Notch Technical Team

What makes Mirza even more promising is its technical team consisting of some of the most creative names in Bengali cinema. Sumeet Saahil, who is making his directorial debut with this film, has previously worked as an assistant director in acclaimed movies like Vinci Da.

The screenplay and dialogues are penned by Arnab Bhauimik who has written stories for popular films such as Shah Jahan Regency, Konttho and Bibaho Diaries. Cinematography is handled by Animesh Ghorui, known for his brilliant camerawork in Cinemawala and Konttho.

When it comes to music, Mirza has on board the young and talented composer Ishan Mitra along with Aneek Dhar. Mitra has delivered chartbuster songs for Bengali movies like Sweater, Konttho and Shah Jahan Regency while Dhar has given music for Vinci Da, Konttho and Bibaho Diaries. The background score is also composed by Ishan Mitra.

With such gifted professionals working together, Mirza is sure to be a technically sound movie. Their combined experience and creativity will elevate the film visually and musically.

Mirza Ankush Hazra Bengali movie

Unique and Stylish Action Sequences

Going by the teaser, director Sumeet Saahil seems to have choreographed some hard-hitting and slick action sequences for Mirza. The physicality portrayed by Ankush Hazra as the protagonist along with the fast edits and background score promise some adrenaline-filled moments for the audience. Fans are eagerly waiting to see Hazra performing gravity-defying stunts and combat sequences.

The action direction is handled by R P Yadav who has worked on movies like Boss, Byomkesh Gowtro and Vinci Da. His style of realistic yet larger-than-life action choreography is likely to make the sequences in Mirza stand out. The action seems raw and ruthless, well-suited to the dark theme of the movie. For lovers of action movies, these sequences will surely prove to be a visual treat.

Building The Excitement with News and Reviews

Ever since its official announcement, Mirza has been making headlines and building anticipation. The film’s teaser launch was covered widely by news publications. Most reviews praised the gripping dark mood and lauded Ankush Hazra’s rugged avatar. They expressed excitement for the powerful storyline indicated by the teaser.

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The cast and crew of Mirza have also been sharing updates about the shooting progress. Recently, Oindrila Sen posted BTS pictures and videos on her social media which showed the fun environment on the sets despite the serious subject of the film. Lead actor Ankush Hazra has also talked in interviews about the intense preparation undergone by the cast for their roles. He revealed that the action sequences required rigorous training to achieve the perfect execution.

Such interesting snippets in the media over the past months have helped build the thrill around Mirza’s release. The positive first impressions have made the audience eager for the film to hit the screens.

Unique Characteristics That Make Mirza Stand Out

While Mirza is primarily positioned as an action thriller, it has other elements in the storyline and filmmaking which make it unique.

  • The mystery surrounding the characters and their hidden motives along with the dark theme set it apart from usual action movies with simplistic plots.
  • The teaser indicates some complex emotional relationships between the characters which adds more layers to the story.
  • The cast themselves are outstanding performers who lend depth even to action-oriented roles. Their talent will bring conviction to the mystery-thriller genre.
  • The top-notch technical team ensures the story will be presented through slick editing, impactful background score and brilliant cinematography.
  • From the teaser, Mirza’s action sequences seem more realistic, stylistic and impactful compared to over-the-top action in some commercial movies.

These aspects make Mirza stand out as more than just an action flick. It seems to have the perfect mix of mystery, emotions, talented performances and execution finesse achieved by the director and crew.

What To Look Forward To

Based on all the information revealed about the movie so far, here are some of the promising things to expect from Mirza:

  • A gripping storyline with twists and turns that will keep the audience guessing till the climax
  • Powerful performances by Ankush Hazra, Oindrila Sen and Kaushik Ganguly
  • Slick action sequences choreographed by R P Yadav that play an integral part in taking the story forward
  • Interesting characters with shades of grey that add intrigue and conflict
  • Foot-tapping music and an edge-of-the-seat background score setting the mood of the film
  • Visually stunning frames capturing the darkness and ambiguities of the world created by the director
  • A completely wholesome entertainment experience merging action, mystery, drama and emotions
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Why Mirza Will Be A Special Movie

There are a few key reasons why Mirza is one of the most awaited Bengali movies this year and is likely to emerge as a special film for the audience:

  • It brings together some of the most talented actors, musicians and film technicians of Bengali cinema to create an entertaining product. Their combined brilliance is sure to make Mirza a standout movie.
  • The core story and theme seem fresh and unexplored. An action thriller with emotional depth and mysterious characters is quite rare.
  • Debutant director Sumeet Saahil’s vision for the film’s treatment and his execution style appear unique and promising for a first-timer.
  • Mirza may push the envelope in the Bengali action genre by setting new standards through its action choreography and cinematic style.
  • For fans of the lead actors, Mirza offers the opportunity to see their favourite stars in completely new avatars that allow them to showcase their versatility.
  • The dark, gritty mood along with the layered characterisations seem to make Mirza a more substantial watch than just a popcorn entertainer.

Additional Details About The Film

  • Mirza is produced by Ankush Hazra himself along with Arkadeb Ghoshal and Niraj Kalra under the banner of Assassin Production and NK Motion Pictures.
  • Besides lead actors Ankush Hazra, Oindrila Sen and Kaushik Ganguly, the supporting cast consists of talented performers like Rishi Kaushik, Priya Mondal, Shoaib Kabeer and Sumit Ganguly.
  • The film has been majorly shot in real locations in Kolkata which adds authenticity to its visual appeal. Some sequences have also been filmed in Purulia district.
  • Action director R P Yadav has mentioned that Mirza contains one of longest hand-to-hand combat sequences he has ever choreographed. It builds up the rivalry between the hero and villain.
  • While the teaser only shows Ankush Hazra, the other main characters Oindrila Sen and Kaushik Ganguly will have very powerful and substantial roles driving the story forward.
  • There are some elaborate chase sequences shot on real locations which promise to thrill the audience thanks to the technical expertise of the crew.


With its gripping narrative, talented cast and crew, adrenaline-fueled action and mysterious character arcs, Mirza has all the elements of a complete edge-of-the-seat entertainer. Backed by excellent production values and technical finesse, the film is sure to be liked by both classes and masses. Though it is primarily positioned as an action thriller, the emotional depth and acting performances are likely to resonate with the audience. For all these reasons, movie buffs are eagerly waiting for Mirza to hit the theatres on Eid 2024. It is undoubtedly one of the most promising Bengali movies on the horizon.

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