Dard Movie – Indo-Bangla Psychological Thriller Film

Dard is an upcoming psychological thriller and the first Indo-Bangladesh joint production film featuring Bangladeshi superstar Shakib Khan alongside Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan. Slated for a 2024 release, Dard is written, produced and directed by acclaimed Bangladeshi filmmaker Anonno Mamun.

With its bilingual shoot in Bengali and Hindi, pan-India release plans covering 5 languages, and filming across India and Bangladesh, Dard is one of the most ambitious projects for Bangladeshi and Indian cinema. Backed by top production houses from both countries, this mystery thriller has already generated substantial buzz.

Storyline & Plot

As suggested by early reports, Dard revolves around a sudden spree of murders in the spiritual city of Varanasi, India. Prominent citizens of the city are killed one after another under mysterious circumstances.

The Varanasi police are rattled as the serial killings cause chaos in the city. Their investigations lead them to an auto rickshaw driver named Dulu Miah, played by Shakib Khan.

How Dulu gets involved in the bizarre murders and whether there is more to the killings than meets the eye forms the crux of the plot. The film reportedly features several twists and turns leading up to a climatic revelation.

With a nail-biting premise underscoring the script, Dard promises to be an intriguing and fast-paced psychological thriller keeping audiences hooked till the end. Shooting in Varanasi and other iconic Indian locations is also expected to lend an atmospheric edge.

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Cast & Characters

Shakib Khan as Dulu Miah

Shakib Khan portrays the central character of Dulu Miah, an auto rickshaw driver who gets embroiled in the strange murder mystery. This marks Shakib’s first pan-Indian release, reprising his authoritative action hero image from Bangladeshi films.

Sonal Chauhan as Shefali

Popular Bollywood actress Sonal Chauhan plays the character of Shefali, opposite Shakib Khan. This forms her first collaboration with the Bangladeshi superstar.

Dard Sonal Chauhan Bengali Movie

Payel Sarkar

Acclaimed Bangladeshi actress Payel Sarkar essays the role of a bold police officer who is investigating the serial murders.

Rahul Dev

Veteran Indian actor Rahul Dev also features in a prominent role. He teams up with Shakib after their previous Bangladeshi film Shikari.

Rajesh Sharma

Indian character actor Rajesh Sharma enacts a key supporting character in the film. His experience strengthens the cast.

Other Supporting Cast

The remaining cast includes Bangladeshi actors Lutfur Rahman George, Biswajit Chakraborty, Debchandrima Singha Roy, Elina Shammi, Imtu Ratish, Safa Marua, and Jessia Islam in cameo roles.

Renowned Indian names like Zakir Hussain also join the ensemble, forming a unique Indo-Bangla mix of talent.


Direction & Writing

Dard is written, produced and directed by eminent Bangladeshi director Anonno Mamun who is known for delivering several hit thrillers and action films in his career. With extensive technical expertise and a grip on suspense narratives, Mamun’s directorial skills hold the film together.


An ambitious collaboration of the biggest production houses from Bangladesh and India have united to mount Dard on a lavish scale.

The Bangladeshi studios involved are Action Cut Entertainment, Kibria Films and Eskay Movies while India’s One World Movies serves as co-producer and distributor. With a collective team driving it, Dard is sure to get a grand mounting.


The music is composed by Bangladesh’s popular musician Arafat Mehmood who has delivered several hit albums. His background score will accentuate the mystery and thrills.

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Cinematography & Editing

The slick camerawork and editing will be overseen by Mamun’s regular technical collaborators to maintain the consistency of his directorial vision.

Pre-Release Buzz & Expectations

Being the first true Indo-Bangla joint production film, Dard has naturally garnered tremendous curiosity since its announcement. The bilingual shoot and pan-India release plans make it an ambitious crossover attempt.

Shakib Khan’s immense popularity across Bangladesh ensures mass appeal among Bangla viewers. Sonal Chauhan is also a recognized name in India owing to films like Jannat. Their fresh pairing itself makes Dard novel.

Moreover, the crime thriller genre promises engaging entertainment according to early buzz. Shooting in iconic Indian locales like Varanasi and Prayagraj adds grandness.

The film’s trailer and songs are keenly awaited for a glimpse of Shakib-Sonal’s chemistry and the suspenseful plot. If Dard lives up to expectations, it can open more collaborations between the two flourishing film industries.

Dard Rahul Dev Bengali Movie

What Makes Dard Stand Out

Here are some key aspects that lend Dard a unique edge among releases of 2024:

  • Novel Indo-Bangla joint production attempt with integrated filmmaking, marketing and release
  • Bangladeshi superstar Shakib Khan’s first pan-Indian release in multiple languages
  • Popular actress Sonal Chauhan pairing opposite Shakib for the first time
  • Storyline blending crime, mystery, psychology for an intriguing narrative
  • Powerful thriller premise using iconic Indian locales for effect
  • Acclaimed Bangladeshi director Anonno Mamun’s proficiency in suspense genres
  • Collaborative effort of top Bangladeshi and Indian production houses
  • Bilingual shoot in Bengali and Hindi targeting pan-India appeal
  • Grand filming planned across Bangladesh and India including Varanasi
  • Multi-composer soundtrack with different score and songs for each version

What Makes Dard Unique

Here are some key strengths that lend uniqueness to Dard:

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Cross-Culture Production

As a rare Bangladeshi-Indian co-production, Dard signifies creative exchange between the two film industries through integrated film-making.

Novel Lead Pairing

Shakib Khan and Sonal Chauhan starring together for the first time itself makes Dard stand out from typical releases.

Pan-India Release Scale

With plans for a wide release across India and Bangladesh in 5 languages, Dard boasts grand plans to attract wider viewership.

Shooting Across Iconic Locales

Filming across Varanasi, Prayagraj and Bangladesh gives the film an atmospheric edge.

Psychological Thriller Genre

The complex mind games underscoring the story makes it more profound than a usual crime thriller.

Ambitious Production Value

Collaboration between top studios ensures the grand mounting crucial for Dard’s cross-border ambitions.

Bilingual Treatment

Separate Bengali and Hindi versions with different soundtracks and editing expands the film’s reach.

Shakib Khan’s Mass Appeal

Shakib’s superstardom gives Dard a ready Bangladeshi audience base for guaranteed success there.

The amalgamation of these strengths demonstrates why Dard is such an ambitious and unique project for the cast, crew and producers. If delivered well, it can open up more positive synergies between the two flourishing industries.

Additional Interesting Details

  • This thriller marks Shakib Khan’s first ever film shot in India over a 22 day schedule.
  • Sonal Chauhan learnt some Bengali dialogues to interact with Bangladeshi co-actors.
  • Dard’s team suffered a virus breakout during the Varanasi schedule causing delay.
  • A romantic track filmed on Shakib-Sonal is the only song situation in the screenplay.
  • Director Anonno Mamun had to acquire special permission for filming key scenes in Varanasi.
  • Separate edits have been prepared for the Bengali and Hindi versions.
  • Dubbed release in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada widens the film’s reach across India.
  • Top Bollywood technicians worked in the Varanasi schedule to maintain production polish.


With its novelty factor, gripping premise, accomplished starcast and extensive scale, Dard has the ambition and content to become a memorable cinematic offering. If executed well, it can pave the path for more crossover attempts between the Bangladeshi and Indian film industries.

Shakib and Sonal’s fresh pairing and acting chops will be instrumental in bringing life to this suspenseful thriller. Backed by accomplished director Anonno Mamun’s vision, Dard seems to have all the elements for a riveting theatrical experience. Here’s looking forward to its much-awaited release.

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