Sada Ronger Prithibi – A Gripping Bengali Thriller That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

The Bengali film audience is in for an enthralling cinematic experience with the upcoming release of Sada Ronger Prithibi. Directed by Raajhorshee De and starring Sauraseni Maitra, Srabanti Chatterjee, Richa Sharma, Arindam Sil and Rwitobroto Mukherjee, this drama-thriller promises to be an edge-of-the-seat entertainer. Set to hit the theatres on 23rd February 2024, the film has already generated much buzz among fans.

An Intriguing and Suspenseful Plot

Though the full plot is under wraps, the title Sada Ronger Prithibi (World of White Colour) itself indicates a dark and mysterious narrative. With talented director Raajhorshee De at the helm, renowned for films like Vinci Da and Konttho, the story is guaranteed to have many twists and turns.

As suggested by the genre, the plot will likely revolve around some dramatic events and thrilling situations involving the characters. The director’s previous movies have touched upon innovative concepts and bold themes. Hence, Sada Ronger Prithibi is also expected to bring forth a fresh storyline which will keep the intrigued.

Adding to the thrill is the screenplay written by the experienced Sougata Basu who has penned scripts for acclaimed movies such as Vinci Da, Maya Miriga and Shah Jahan Regency. Together with De’s vision, his writing is sure to result in a suspenseful plot that will keep the audience hooked till the climax.

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Sada Ronger Prithibi Bengali Sauraseni Maitra Movie

A Multi-Faceted Cast Full Of Talent

Sada Ronger Prithibi boasts of a versatile cast comprising some of the finest mainstream and indie talents in Tollywood. Leading the film are Sauraseni Maitra and Srabanti Chatterjee, two acclaimed actors who will share the screen for the first time.

Maitra, known for playing authorbacked roles in films like Smriti Parashe and Bini Sutar, is likely to deliver a nuanced performance. Chatterjee has proved her acting mettle through memorable turns in projects like Dictionary and Uma.

Supporting them are veterans Arindam Sil and Rwitobroto Mukherjee, who will provide their experience and gravitas to the thriller. Sil’s credential as one of the most talented character actors gives his presence an edge. Mukherjee has stunned with impactful acts in Vinci Da, Shah Jahan Regency and others.

Richa Sharma, having proved her versatility in films as diverse as Pendulum and Bibaho Obhijaan, promises to impress once again. With such an assembled cast, Sada Ronger Prithibi has the perfect mix of acting prowess to present a layered and compelling thriller.

Technical Precision To Elevate The Viewing Experience

Apart from the story and performances, the technical aspects of Sada Ronger Prithibi are also touted to be top-notch. With cinematography by the acclaimed Soumik Haldar who shot Jahnu Barua’s Bhoga Khirikee, the visuals are sure to aesthetically complement the mysterious narrative.

The music by Ashu Chakraborty, known for Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Jurassic World, will lift the thrilling scenes effectively. Swarnava Chakraborty, editor of Robibaar and Vinci Da, brings his expertise to maintain tension through slick cuts and edits.

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With such gifted technicians coming together, Sada Ronger Prithibi promises to be a superior cinematic experience from a technical perspective. Their collective skills will elevate the mystery and drama visually, musically and editorially.

Sada Ronger Prithibi Bengali Movie

Realistic Performances And Retro Setting Create Mood

According to media reports, the costumes, sets and acting style adopted in Sada Ronger Prithibi will have a strong retro and period feel. Though set in contemporary times, the treatment evokes the detective mysteries of old-world Bengal. The actors also seem to have gone for more realistic and restrained performances to fit the grounded narrative.

This unique style will lend an eerie atmospheric quality to the film that blends well with its mystery-thriller genre. The authentic vibe and subtle acting will make the proceedings convincing for the audience, thus drawing them deeper into the tense plot. It’s a refreshing departure from the usual glossy presentation of thrillers.

Unusual Character Portrayals Add Novelty

In most thriller movies, characterizations tend to be black or white with clear demarcations of protagonist, antagonist etc. However, Sada Ronger Prithibi seems to follow a more unconventional approach.

Director Raajhorshee De stated in an interview that each character will have shades of grey making them more lifelike. The trailer also hints at contradictions in the personalities, especially that of Srabanti Chatterjee’s character. Adding such layers makes the narrative more intriguing as the viewers cannot put the characters into set boxes.

This unpredictability about the character arcs and motivations adds novelty to Sada Ronger Prithibi, setting it apart from regular thriller templates. The talented cast seems capable of nailing these complex portrayals.

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Societal Commentary Through Thrilling Story

Like most of director De’s filmography, Sada Ronger Prithibi may also touch upon some deeper social issues amidst the suspenseful proceedings. De has clarified that besides the mystery, the relationships between the characters also depict a troubled side of today’s society.

Hence, as the plot unravels, the film will likely offer some societal commentary and explore darker truths. This will provide added depth beyond just entertainment value. But the core thrills of the genre will be balanced with the message, as per the director.

Additional Aspects To Know

  • Sada Ronger Prithibi is produced by Infinite Media World and Michael Nagel Studio who have backed acclaimed films like Vinci Da, Konttho and Dictionary.
  • This film will mark the first on-screen collaboration between indie star Sauraseni Maitra and mainstream lead Srabanti Chatterjee.
  • The film was shot rapidly within a couple of months in real locations within Kolkata which lent the scenes authenticity.
  • The title Sada Ronger Prithibi is inspired partly by Satyajit Ray’s Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne which referenced a kingdom called Shundi Ronger Deshe.
  • The lead characters played by Sauraseni Maitra and Srabanti Chatterjee share an unconventional, complex relationship that evolves as mysteries come to light.


With its gripping suspense, talented cast and technical expertise, Sada Ronger Prithibi promises to be a complete thriller that will keep the audience hooked. Raajhorshee De’s treatment and direction is sure to breathe life into the plot crafted by Sougata Basu. Backed by solid performances and production values, the film has the makings of an entertaining edge-of-the-seat mystery. Undoubtedly, Sada Ronger Prithibi is one of the most awaited Bengali movies this year for thriller enthusiasts. Its unconventional approach also makes it stand out from the usual commercial cinema.

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