Dasham Avatar


The upcoming Bengali thriller film Dasham Avatar follows a novelist who becomes obsessed with a mythological theory about the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He gets embroiled in a suspenseful and dangerous investigation to prove his theory that will test the boundaries between myth and reality. Bookmark skymovieshd for upcoming Bengali movie reviews and news

Cast and Characters

Prasenjit Chatterjee as Aniket Banerjee

The veteran actor plays Aniket, a renowned novelist who stumbles upon a mystical clue about the prophesied tenth avatar of Vishnu. His determination to validate the theory leads him into a world of conspiracy and supernatural forces beyond human logic.

Anirban Bhattacharya as Agniva Roy

Bhattacharya essays Agniva, an enigmatic godman who becomes the prime target of Aniket’s obsession. The magical prowess and devoted following of this spiritual leader makes Aniket’s mission even more daunting.

Jaya Ahsan as Anamika

Ahsan portrays Anamika, a historian who decides to assist Aniket in investigating the mythological prophecy. Her expertise and level-headed presence helps balance Aniket’s growing fanaticism.

Supporting Cast:

  • Barun Chanda as Aniket’s publisher friend
  • Pushan Dasgupta as a detective
  • Anashua Majumdar as Agniva’s devoted follower


Director – Srijit Mukherji

The nationally awarded filmmaker is known for acclaimed films like Zulfiqar and Gumnaami. Dasham Avatar sees him take on the thriller genre.

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Writer – Srijit Mukherji

Mukherji handles the script in addition to directing. His knack for layered narratives translating well for this intricate premise.

Music – Mayookh Bhaumik

Bhaumik’s background score complements the mood perfectly, oscillating between mystical and spine-chilling.

Cinematography: Soumik Haldar

Haldar’s visuals use shadowy tones and unique angles to heighten the supernatural feel.

What to Expect

Here are some factors that make Dasham Avatar an enticing watch:

  • Intriguing premise about mythological prophecies colliding with reality
  • Stellar cast headlined by Prasenjit Chatterjee, Anirban Bhattacharya and Jaya Ahsan
  • Mukherji’s direction balancing curiosity and tension through twists and turns
  • Eerie background score by Mayookh Bhaumik enhancing the mysterious proceedings
  • Soumik Haldar’s shadowy visuals setting up an unsettling atmosphere
  • Philosophical ruminations on faith, devotion and the unknown

Standout Aspects

Some key highlights of Dasham Avatar that stand out:

Novel Premise

The concept of a mythological prophecy manifesting in contemporary times is quite fresh and allows room for philosophical exploration.

Prasenjit’s Versatile Acting

As the obsessed novelist Aniket, Prasenjit gets to demonstrate his wide acting range within the thriller space.

Casting Twist

Against expectations, Anirban Bhattacharya’s godman role adds novelty instead of the tried-and-tested villainous guru.

Stylish Visual Language

Moody lighting, camerawork and color palette sets up an eerie atmosphere that complements the story’s mystical nature.

Layers and Depth

Srijit Mukherji’s direction explores more than just thrills, with layers on devotion, spirituality, human psyche.

Advance Buzz

The film’s unique genre-bending premise has piqued curiosity among cinephiles. Prasenjit’s return to thrillers after a long gap and his pairing with Anirban Bhattacharya has generated a positive buzz.

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Srijit Mukherji’s treatment of spiritual themes in a thriller format has also gotten positive reactions. The lyrical trailer and soundtrack have further boosted anticipation.

Reports suggest advance bookings are steady, indicating the combination of cast and curious premise has appealed to viewers.


With its novel spin on mythology, stellar cast, talented director Srijit Mukherji’s visionary execution, and technical finesse, Dasham Avatar promises to be a thriller like never before.

Blending spirituality and conspiracy, the film appears set to test the boundaries between myth and reality. For seeking a beyond-the-norm cinematic experience, Dasham Avatar is a must-watch when it releases.

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