Boomerang Movie : Jeet and Rukmini Maitra Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy Film

Boomerang is an upcoming Bengali language sci-fi romantic comedy film starring popular actor Jeet alongside Rukmini Maitra. Slated for theatrical release on 10th May 2024, this film is directed by Sauvik Kundu and produced by Jeet’s own production house Surinder Films.

Boomerang boasts of an interesting genre-bending plot that blends sci-fi with lighthearted romance and comedy. With Jeet returning to his forte of romantic comedies, along with Rukmini Maitra’s effervescent screen presence, Boomerang is poised to attract audiences looking for wholesome entertainment.

Storyline and Genre

As suggested by its unconventional genre, Boomerang promises audiences something rarely seen in Bengali cinema – a romantic comedy laced with sci-fi elements. The film tells the unique love story between the characters played by Jeet and Rukmini, which unfolds in the backdrop of a technology driven near-future world.

The premise suggests that Jeet’s character is a brilliant scientist on the verge of developing pathbreaking technology related to time travel and AI. But his life turns upside down with the entry of Rukmini’s character, resulting in unwarranted complications.

How their relationship progresses even as the scientist’s ambitions get entangled with the puzzles of future technology forms the essence of the plot. Filled with light humor, upbeat music, and the lead pair’s sparkling chemistry, Boomerang will add that sci-fi twist to the classic romantic comedy formula.

Star Cast


The superstar actor returns to the genre that earned him fame with films like Sathi, Bhalobasa Bhalobasa, Saat Kahon Tarikh, and Mastan. In Boomerang as well, he portrays the likeable romantic hero who gets entangled in an unusual love story. Jeet’s natural charisma will remain the film’s biggest draw.

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Rukmini Maitra

The popular actress plays the lively female lead opposite Jeet. Rukmini has proved her flair for comedy in shows like Phoolbagan and her refreshing onscreen chemistry with Jeet in Chaapak promises to uplift Boomerang.

Supporting Cast

The film also stars acclaimed actors Kharaj Mukherjee, Rajatava Dutta, Saurav Das, and Debchandrima in key supporting roles. Their acting experience enhances the overall cast performance.



Boomerang marks the first directorial venture of writer Sauvik Kundu in Tollywood. With hit scripts like Chander Moto Bou and Shudhu Tomari Jonno under his belt, Kundu’s knack for family entertainers makes him well-suited to steer this romantic comedy. His direction will determine the effectiveness of blending sci-fi in a lighthearted story.


Besides direction, Sauvik Kundu also serves as the writer of Boomerang. His grasp over relatable stories with amusing humor gives him an edge while attempting this genre-mix story.


Boomerang is produced by Jeet under his home production banner Surinder Films. Jeet already has successful producer credits for films like Bossgiri, Chatushkone, Rocky, Fidaa, and Sultan: The Saviour.


The camerawork is helmed by celebrated cinematographer Manas Ganguly who frequently collaborates with Jeet. Their earlier films together like Dashami and Baazi cemented the Jeet-Manas duo’s box office success. Manas’ lens promises to capture the sci-fi elements pitched against the comedy.


The music director for the film is Niloy Chatterjee while the lyrics are penned by Kali Prasad. The album is expected to have upbeat romantic numbers rendered by Jeet and Rukmini adding to the overall entertainment quotient.

Pre-Release Buzz

The initial announcements of Jeet returning to romantic comedies alongside the smash hit Rukmini Maitra generated positive buzz around Boomerang. Their fresh pairing attracted attention.

Boomerang Jeet Bengali Movie

Moreover, the film’s sci-fi meets rom-com genre mashup makes it unique. The concept of blending a lighthearted love story with technology and time travel has piqued interest.

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Jeet’s giant fanbase always awaits his mass entertainers, so Boomerang is guaranteed to see houseful shows in Bengal on the merit of his star power alone.

The film releasing right before the lucrative summer vacation period is also a smart move to draw families and youngsters. Overall, the promotional material has highlighted the film’s escapist entertainment appeal just right.

If Boomerang’s execution does justice to its novel concept, it can pull large crowds for its theatrical run to emerge a much-needed entertainer blending laughs and romance with sci-fi.

What Makes Boomerang Stand Out?

Here are some promising factors that lend Boomerang the potential to stand out as a unique entertainer:

  • The rom-com story getting supplemented with sci-fi elements like time travel, technology, and AI is quite novel for Tollywood. This genre blend is still uncommon.
  • Jeet returning to the hit romantic genre after a gap in a role that matches his cheerful image aptly. His mass popularity gives Boomerang an advantage.
  • Rukmini Maitra’s rising stardom and bubbly screen persona that resonates with youthful viewers along with Jeet’s experienced charm makes for a fresh pairing.
  • Director Sauvik Kundu’s experience in writing lighthearted scripts gives him an edge in blending sci-fi seamlessly into a rom-com narrative without making it too serious.
  • Leading lensman Manas Ganguly’s repute for shooting slick entertainers benefiting the visual appeal especially during sci-fi sequences.
  • A summer release date that can draw family audiences seeking clean entertainment during the vacation period.
  • Jeet’s clout as lead star and producer ensuring a solid production budget and grand mounting for maximal visual impact.

What Makes Boomerang Special?

Here are some noteworthy aspects that make Boomerang a truly special cinematic offering:

Unusual Genre Fusion Story

A rom-com utilizing sci-fi settings and technology plot points seamlessly makes the script novel. This rare blend provides freshness.

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Jeet-Rukmini Pairing

Jeet’s mass popularity coupling with Rukmini’s rising stardom and their sparky chemistry promises to be a huge draw.

Sauvik Kundu’s Directorial Debut

His first directional expands his reputation from an acclaimed writer to complete filmmaker. Boomerang marks the next step in his career.

Tech-Driven Concepts

The integration of futuristic technology like AI and time travel within an amusing love story makes for an imaginative plot.

Promise of Visual Appeal

Manas Ganguly’s proficiency in shooting slick rom-coms raises expectations of sci-fi scenes looking visually polished.

Chartbuster Music

Hit romantic tracks picturized on Jeet and Rukmini will enhance the entertainment value.

Summer Release

A May release during vacation makes Boomerang poised to attract the lucrative family audience segment.

With these strengths, Boomerang has the merits to emerge as a highly enjoyable theatrical experience blending the right amounts of romance, comedy, and sci-fi.

Additional Interesting Details

  • Boomerang marks Jeet and Rukmini Maitra’s first film together after their hit music video Ghum Hain Kisike from last year.
  • The film’s title ‘Boomerang’ hints at the sci-fi storyline related to time travel.
  • Director Kundu underwent extensive research on futuristic technology before crafting the script.
  • A large portion of the budget has been allotted to VFX driven scenes integral to depicting the sci-fi elements convincingly.
  • Boomerang is Jeet’s first attempted comedy film with a touch of science fiction.
  • Buzz suggests that the real life romance between Jeet and Rukmini translates well into crackling reel life chemistry too.
  • Jeet mastered a guitar for his character in the film who is a musician besides a scientist.
  • For their roles as researchers, lead actors Jeet and Rukmini trained briefly at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology.


With its fresh lead pair, fascinating genre blend premise, technical finesse and summer release timing, Boomerang has the right ingredients to cook up a superhit entertainer. Backed by the proven mass appeal of Jeet in his romantic hero avatar, this sci-fi rom-com has tremendous potential.

Boomerang can emerge as the ideal theatrical experience blending laughter, emotions, music, romance, and sci-fi in just the right proportions for viewers of all ages. Here’s hoping this Jeet-Rukmini starrer lives up to expectations and gives Tollywood its next successful family entertainer soon.

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