Tarokar Mrityu: A Chilling Murder Mystery Unravels in the Hills of Kalimpong

This October, get ready for thrills and intrigue with the Bengali thriller Tarokar Mrityu, slated for theatrical release. Directed by Haranath Chakraborty, this murder mystery promises an edge-of-the-seat cinematic experience showcasing the picturesque locales of Kalimpong. With an ensemble cast led by Ritwik Chakraborty and eerie plot twists, Tarokar Mrityu aims to provide a chilling diversion this festive season.

Spine-Chilling Premise

Tarokar Mrityu revolves around a married couple who encounter sinister occurrences when they visit a purportedly haunted bungalow in Kalimpong for a vacation. After experiencing supernatural events, they become entangled in a murder mystery with hints of the paranormal.

This premise provides fertile ground for a horror-thriller blending ghostly chills with a whodunit format. Shooting extensively on location in Kalimpong, director Haranath Chakraborty capitalizes on the area’s misty hills and colonial architecture to create an ominous mood. As the characters uncover secrets behind the bungalow, the audience is in for dramatic twists and turns.

Ritwik Chakraborty Anchors the Mystery

Leading an ensemble cast in Tarokar Mrityu is acclaimed actor Ritwik Chakraborty, known for films like Shabor series. Ritwik’s versatility enables him to disappear into any role, making him apt for portraying the married protagonist who finds himself embroiled in supernatural occurrences.

Ritwik’s nuanced performances demonstrate his skill at depicting the psychological complexity of characters grappling with turmoil. As the anchor of this murder mystery’s paranormal happenings, his acting prowess promises to lend credibility and gravitas. Ritwik’s participation provides a strong foundation for the thriller.

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Supporting Cast Enhances the Mood

While Ritwik Chakraborty shoulders the film, Tarokar Mrityu also features a talented supporting cast that complements the ominous tone. Parno Mittra as Ritwik’s wife, Anindya Banerjee as a suspicious caretaker, and veteran Ranjit Mallick as the police inspector make up the core ensemble.

These experienced actors portray their roles realistically to heighten the thriller’s sense of mystery. Their on-screen chemistry with Ritwik enhances the drama unfolding at the cursed bungalow. With its seasoned cast, Tarokar Mrityu achieves the right balance between creepy and credible.

Director Haranath Chakraborty Returns to Familiar Genre

Leading the film is director Haranath Chakraborty, known for delivering multiple hit thrillers and dramas over his prolific career. After recent comedic ventures, Haranath returns to the mystery genre in which he first rose to fame.

Haranath’s films like Shatru blending suspense and rural Bengal settings have become cult classics. Tarokar Mrityu also incorporates supernatural elements to inject freshness. Haranath’s creative vision coupled with technical expertise make this chilling atmospheric thriller a promising proposition.

Why ‘Tarokar Mrityu’ Stands Out

With its paranormal murder mystery premise led by Ritwik Chakraborty, Tarokar Mrityu brings unique appeal to the Bengali thriller genre:

  • Blend of whodunit, horror, and supernatural makes for an intriguing combo
  • Picturesque and eerie hill station setting of Kalimpong provides scenic backdrop
  • Ritwik Chakraborty’s gripping performance as leading man elevates the mystery
  • Supporting cast of veteran actors establishes the stakes
  • Haranath Chakraborty’s reputation for intrigue generates anticipation
  • Promise of dramatic plot twists and surprises keeps viewers hooked
  • Creative cinematography and sound design craft an ominous mood
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What Makes ‘Tarokar Mrityu’ Special

While supernatural murder mysteries have been explored in Indian cinema before, the Bengali setting and local elements make Tarokar Mrityu stand apart as a regional thriller. Director Haranath Chakraborty explains, “The film aims to blend beloved aspects of Bengali culture with edge-of-the-seat entertainment.”

The costumes, language, and music woven into the thriller format present a culturally grounded experience beyond generic tropes. Locations within Bengal like the iconic bungalows of Kalimpong provide visual flair and novelty. Ritwik Chakraborty asserts the characters are deeply embedded in their Bengali roots. This cultural texture makes Tarokar Mrityu a special regional viewing experience.

More Than Just a Mystery Thriller

On the surface, Tarokar Mrityu promises entertaining thrills centered around murders and the supernatural. However, Haranath Chakraborty reveals the film also has undertones of social commentary on themes like mental health.

He explains, “While the paranormal mystery intrigues viewers, we also examine relevant issues facing society.” For instance, Ritwik’s character faces skepticism about the hauntings he witnesses, underscoring how mental health problems are dismissed. Such deeper messaging expands the film beyond surface-level scares.

The lead actors also aimed to bring emotional depth to their performances beyond thriller conventions. Ultimately the film strives to deliver an immersive entertainment experience blended with social insight.


With its chilling premise set in atmospheric Kalimpong, Tarokar Mrityu sets the stage for an engrossing thriller mystery this October. Driven by Ritwik Chakraborty’s standout performance and Haranath Chakraborty’s clever direction, the film promises edge-of-the-seat entertainment.

If the movie lives up to expectations of blending paranormal intrigue, unpredictable twists, and cultural authenticity, it could emerge a cult favorite this festive season. Get ready for some spine-tingling chills and surprises when Tarokar Mrityu hits the big screen. Thank You For Reading Review Tarokar Mrityu Movie On skymovieshd

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