Antidote: A Gripping Crime Thriller

Antidote is an upcoming Bengali crime thriller film directed by acclaimed actor Parambrata Chatterjee. Slated for release on December 22, 2023, the movie promises to be an engrossing watch for thriller aficionados. With Parambrata also playing the lead role, Antidote has generated much hype among audiences.

Overview of Antidote


The plot of Antidote centers around a strange viral disease that spreads in Kolkata, leading to several unnatural deaths. As the toll rises rapidly, the cops struggle to find an antidote to this virus.

Parambrata Chatterjee plays Arko, an honest and determined cop, who takes it upon himself to get to the root of this crisis and stop the deaths. The thrilling narrative follows Arko’s race against time to unravel the mystery and save innocent lives before things spiral out of control. Many twists and turns later, he eventually finds the shocking motive behind the virus attacks.

Cast and Crew

Parambrata leads the film with his powerful performance as inspector Arko. Acclaimed actress Subhashree Ganguly plays the female lead opposite him. Playing key supporting roles are Ankush Hazra, Koushik Sen, and others.

Here is a table with the main movie details:

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Movie Details
Release DateDecember 22, 2023
DirectorParambrata Chatterjee
CastParambrata Chatterjee, Subhashree Ganguly

With Parambrata pulling double duty as director and lead actor, the movie is mounted on a grand scale by SVF productions.

Music and Visuals

The background score by music director Indraadip Dasgupta aims to elevate the tense narrative. Visually, the thriller promises a dark and gritty setting, using lighting, camerawork and Kolkata’s architecture to enhance the mood.

What Makes Antidote Stand Out

There are several factors that make Antidote a unique cinematic experience:

Novel Premise

The concept of a mystery virus spreading terror is quite inventive for Bengali cinema. This edge-of-the-seat premise forms an engaging base for the movie.

Parambrata’s Dual Role

Seeing the talented Parambrata direct himself adds novelty. His acting skills coupled with his directorial vision are sure to make Antidote spectacular.

Socially Relevant

The movie highlights abuse of medical science to create panic among citizens. Its message against unethical practices makes it relevant.

Technical Finesse

With a talented crew handling cinematography, background score and editing, Antidote promises technical excellence in all departments.

Why Viewers are Eagerly Awaiting Antidote

The hype surrounding Antidote comes from several factors:

Fresh Storyline

The unique storyline related to a mysterious virus has grasped the public imagination. They are curious to know how the plot unfolds.

Parambrata’s Mass Popularity

Parambrata is a hugely popular star in Bengal, with fans excited to see him back in a leading role after years.

Supporting Cast’s Appeal

Actors like Subhashree, Ankush and Koushik boast their own fandom, which adds to the anticipation for Antidote.

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Slick Promos

The trailers and teasers portray the stylish filmmaking and intriguing plot, generating hype.

What Makes Antidote Special

Apart from the engaging premise, some special highlights of Antidote are:

Parambrata’s First Directorial Venture

The acclaimed actor directing himself in his directorial debut lends novelty and weightage. His passion project has shaped up well.

Socially Impactful Storyline

Unlike regular thrillers, Antidote conveys an important message against misusing medical expertise. This increases its relevance.

Fast-Paced Screenplay

From the promos, it is evident that the narration moves at a breakneck speed, keeping viewers hooked. The brisk pacing adds thrill.

Striking Background Score

Composer Indraadip’s background score efficiently builds up tension and suspense. The music plays a key role.

Additional Interesting Details

Beyond the main story, here are some fascinating trivia about Antidote:

  • Real doctors were consulted to bring authenticity to the medical scenario shown in the film.
  • Parambrata insisted on shooting key scenes at real Kolkata locations to capture the character of the city.
  • The movie’s climax scene was shot without breaks over 18 hours involving complex coordination.
  • Director Shoojit Sircar has provided creative guidance to Parambrata for directing the film.
  • Subhashree learnt martial arts to perform action sequences convincingly in the movie.


With a stellar lead cast, expert direction, cutting-edge technical values and riveting plot, Antidote has all the elements of a memorable cinematic experience. The movie is sure to provide an adrenaline rush for thriller lovers once it hits screens. Parambrata’s directorial acumen combined with his acting chops will create cinematic magic. Come December 22, Antidote is undoubtedly the movie to watch out for. thank you for reading Antidote Movie Article on skymovieshd

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